When “WE” Are God’s Plan

uganda picture for blog

Something big happened last week!  Yes, the President of the United States came to town, but this was even bigger!  With just a few pictures and a heart full of passion to serve, ECS teacher Shelly Main spoke words that launched ECS students, families, and staff into action.  This November, Mrs. Main is planning her second trip to Uganda to train teachers and to serve a school in Rakai, an area known as “the birthplace of aids”.  The students at Hope for Uganda school are in need of school and health supplies, among so many other things, and ECS has adopted them as our sister school.   While desperately poor in many ways, having visited this school myself, I know they are rich in the Lord!  What an opportunity to partner!

I recently finished reading Love Does, by Bob Goff.  He states, “…it’s true that the right people can say words that can change everything”.  That’s what happened last week.  Mrs. Main spoke, hearts listened, and that’s how we (ECS students, families, and staff) got to be “God’s Plan” for loving the children at Rakai.  Through a coin drive – just collecting nickels, dimes, and quarters – ECS students collected nearly $4000!  In addition, students donated needed school supplies to share with children who are eager to learn.  One fourth grade student told me, “I can tell you one thing, you can count on me to donate Bibles.  God spoke directly to my heart!”.  Now that is a big deal!  That is how it works with God – while we are the answer to prayer for others, He is busy changing us to be more like Him.

So while our students are memorizing Bible verses, receiving instruction aligned with biblical integration, and worshiping together in chapel they are also “doing” something about what God is teaching them!  Students are engaged in praying for the children in Rakai, their hearts are big enough to think beyond themselves, and they are who God is using to change the world!  There is nothing like partnering with God in the work He is doing!  My prayer is that this is what Evansville Christian School is ALWAYS about: educating and equipping students who confidently engage the culture and impact the world for Christ.

Susie Masterson

Elementary Principal