Seasons of the School Year

Each school year moves through “seasons” that are consistent from year to year – newness at the start of the year, testing windows, Christmas performances, pep rallies, sports, end-of-the-year activities, graduation, etc.   They are all driven by the calendar.   Further, the classrooms (teachers, students, and parents) move through different seasons than administrative staff.

By the end of the first semester, our administrative team is actively planning for the next school year – major changes, staffing plans, capital budgets, class sizes, tuition rates, teacher salaries, etc.   We begin to make plans and student enrollment (and re-registration) gives us information to implement our plans – that is why re-registering on a timely basis is so important – it is one of our best source of information for planning.

The re-registration, enrollment, and Open House (Feb. 10, 2015) season is also one of our favorite times of the year – while is adds a new level of activity to the school year, it also gives us a great deal of opportunities to tell others about our school and to share our story.  By the way, we are excited to have Krista Decker on our team as our new Director of Admissions & Marketing!

We are thankful for the parents, alumni, teachers, and students who tell others about ECS and their experience – most people who inquire about our school were referred by a current family or impacted by a story they heard about ECS.  Thank you for being an advocate for your school and for being an ambassador.  Thank you!

In His Service, Paul Bair