Holy Spirit, You are welcome here

My experience as an ECS parent is almost 4 ½ years, and my experience as part of the administrative team is nearing my one year anniversary. As an ECS parent, I always knew that the Gospel message, Bible class, prayer, and biblical integration into academics were all experienced by my daughters every single day. In fact, those are the top reasons why my husband and I chose ECS. However over the past year of working here and spending my days inside the same building as my daughters, I have been truly blessed to experience for myself what I had known to be true about ECS – the Holy Spirit is alive and moving in our school.

In my position as Director of Admissions & Marketing, one of my favorite responsibilities is meeting new families and giving them a tour to show them the “ECS difference”. Without a doubt, one of the top things that parents notice about the environment of our school is that is caring and peaceful.

My prayer for visitors to our school isn’t that they are impressed with our challenging academics and A-Rating. It isn’t that they come to our school so our enrollment can continue growing. It isn’t that see that state-of-the-art technology is available in every single one of our classrooms. Yes, all of those are very important in the success and progress ECS has made over the past 40 years, and I love to share these aspects with families.

My prayer for every visitor to our school is that everyone who enters our doors will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I love the lyrics of Kari Jobe’s song, “Holy Spirit”, especially this part of the chorus –

“Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by your presence, Lord.”

Our teachers follow Christ’s calling and open their hearts – and their classrooms – to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit every single day. Just in the month of October alone, four teachers shared the following ways that the Holy Spirit moved inside the hearts of our student during the school day…and these just the few divine appointments that I know of! There are so many more that happen every day in every classroom.

Natalie Adams, Second Grade Teacher:
October 1 – “What a GREAT day it has already been!! 3 of my kiddos asked Jesus into their hearts this morning! Praise the Lord”

Jessica Hill, First Grade Teacher
October 20 – “8 students from my class just made decisions to follow Jesus during our Bible lesson time!”

Megan Meny, Third Grade Teacher
October 27 – “The sweet, precious moments with a student make it all worth it. This morning during our morning routine, one of my students asked if I would pray with her when I have time. When a sweet third grader asks me to pray with them, nothing else seemed more important, so I stopped everything and pulled her out into the hall. She told me about what was upsetting her, and we prayed. It makes me so happy that she felt comfortable enough with me to ask me to pray for her. I am also so proud of her for turning to God in prayer, when she is facing something that is difficult for her. Today was definitely a good day!”

Oct 21 – Katie Janis, Fourth Grade Teacher, took this awesome photo that captured a sweet moment when Lonny Chapman, Fourth Grade Teacher, was praying with students on the playground.

Prayer, Bible class, and devotions are not just a part of the daily schedule at ECS that teachers “check off” and move onto the next thing. Our teachers and staff would share that the most important aspects of their job are to share the Gospel message with our students to lead them into a relationship with Christ and to equip students with a biblical worldview to confidently engage the culture and impact the world for Christ.

“We only have so much time to prepare our children in life. Where and how we allow our children to spend their time is one of the most important responsibilities we have.” -Dr. James Dobson

This quote by Dr. Dobson wonderfully conveys why my husband and I choose to send our daughters to ECS where the Holy Spirit is welcomed, experienced, and celebrated every day.


Krista Decker
Director of Admissions & Marketing