ECS Stakeholder Surveys: Thanks for your feedback!

In January, ECS utilized AdvancED surveys to gather feedback from parents, students, and staff. For two consecutive years, survey participation by stakeholders in the ECS community has provided valuable responses about school culture, curriculum, communication, and services. Thanks to everyone who participated by telling us what you like best about ECS, what you like least about ECS, and how you suggest we improve our school. The administrative staff and board value the input and the opportunity to continually improve and serve of all ECS stakeholders.
ECS is preparing for an on-site visit in November 2014 for a joint accreditation by AdvancED and the Association of Christian Schools International. Survey information, school data, and a self-study provide a reflective analysis of Evansville Christian School and the development of a school improvement plan. All staff utilize the school improvement plan to enhance student learning, to provide professional development for teachers and staff, and to address recommendations of our stakeholders.
The administrative team analyzed the results of the 2014 survey data and organized the comments by trends:
• Positive growth for every indicator on the parent survey over the 2013 survey
• Comments regarding what parents like best include our school’s culture with a focus on Biblical integrity and excellence, the school staff, school’s challenging curriculum and Biblical integration
• Comments regarding what students like best include Biblical integration, friends, technology, and a variety of extra-curricular activities
• Comments regarding what staff likes best includes Biblical integration of academics, prayer, school culture that focuses on collaboration and relationships
The ratings and positive comments serve as validation of the partnership of ECS enjoys with families and the work of a dedicated staff. There are also areas where ECS will strive to improve and to communicate its efforts.
• Cost of tuition: ECS continues to work to expand the voucher, SGO, and tuition assistance programs.
• Facilities: As ECS continues to work towards providing a high school, leadership is aware of the pressures on our current facilities and continues to address concerns.
• Student services: ECS has increased its resource staff, character development programs in elementary and middle school, teacher training in Response to Intervention and Differentiated Instruction, and as a part of our upcoming accreditation has reviewed and compiled resources that are available to students as support services.
• Technology: ECS leadership knows the value of technology and essential 21st Century litercies, has conducted a feasibility study to determine wireless access, and is developing a new technology plan to address this ever-changing field to find innovative ways to access the latest technology.
• New Playground: A new East Campus playground will be installed this spring.
We celebrate that Evansville Christian School’s AdvancED Stakeholder Survey rating increased from a level three in 2013 to a level four in 2014! The survey results indicated a collaborative partnership of parents, students, and staff to continue a steadfast commitment to exemplary education that focuses on Christ as the focus of our school.

Summary of Parent and Staff Stakeholder Survey

Summary of Student Stakeholder Survey

In His Service,
Susie Masterson
Elementary Principal