A Living Example

superhero Jax3Indulge me for a moment, while I tell you about my grandchildren (yes I’m one of those grandparents)! I’m a grandmother of two amazing little people, Jax and Lane – they call me “Mimmy” to be exact. I must say it is the favorite thing I’ve ever done!

My grandson is four and like a lot of little boys, he is mesmerized by super heroes, so I am “learning to appreciate” Spiderman, Captain America, and all those other guys. Honestly, in our conversations I am always striving to talk to him about the super heroes that are already in his life, like his mommy and daddy, or his teacher. When we talk about the heroes in the Bible, I know I am competing with his ideas about “super heroes”. My granddaughter is younger, so she thinks her brother is a super hero!

The time I spend with my grandkids is a priority and maybe a little selfish on my part. I believe God has called me to serve Him by providing a spiritual legacy for my children and grandchildren. It has also been an honor to pass on a spiritual heritage to the students I have taught over the years as a teacher and a principal. More than anything, that is how I want to be remembered – as one who prayed for them, set a Godly example for them, encouraged them, and pointed them to Jesus.

On a recent weekend visit at my daughter’s church, the pastor spoke on God’s example for us on how we should pray (Matthew 6:9-13) saying, “We don’t need more experts, we need more examples”. The Bible is full of examples of how to live abundantly, how to walk with God, and how to serve Him. Hebrews 11 provides an inspiring look at heroes of the faith. May we be bold and look for opportunities to live as a worthy example!

On Friday, September 18, Evansville Christian School will host Grandparents’ Day at our three campuses, our busiest and most enjoyable day of the year. Students invite their grandparents, parents, or other very important person to join them at school for special programs and receptions. The interaction among generations is priceless. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, or you just have the opportunity to build into the lives of the next generation, you have the privilege of being an example for how to love God and love people.

Now, if you’d like to see pictures of my grandkids……

In Service,

Susie Masterson
Elementary/Intermediate School Principal