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Parent Ambassadors

Parent involvement is one of the key strengths of our school.  It is a major determinant in our school’s success and our student outcomes!  We are blessed by the number of parents who support our school with their time, talent, treasure, and prayers.   I am reminded daily, as I give tours to people considering our school, of the partnership which exists with our parents.  Most people who call for a tour were referred by a current family (we have received more than 60 inquiries since December and we just started promoting Open House).  Thank you for being an ambassador of our school.

The next few weeks is a critical time for you to tell others about ECS and invite them to our Open House (9 a.m. – 7 p.m.) on Tuesday, February 11 at all three campuses.  The next two months are when we enroll most new families for the coming school year and each new family is an opportunity to equip future leaders, impact a family, and expand His kingdom.

Please spread the word – we have flyers available for you to use, share items on Facebook, email the flyer to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.  We welcome the opportunity for people to visit our school, observe classes, and see our culture firsthand.  We are also happy to help families understand their options to help them afford a Christian education at ECS, including State vouchers and special grants.


No Longer New

meditating-by-the-lakeIt is hard to believe that I have a full semester under me here at ECS.  Being new is a tough deal.  You feel like you’re not only learning process, but you’re learning people.  You’re learning culture…and shaping culture.  You are given the ultimate opportunity to learn.  So here are a few things I’ve learned: 

  • General observations?  After only six months at ECS, I don’t know how I could ever attempt to counsel a child outside of the Gospel again.  Working at Evansville Christian School has allowed me the tool to perspective, healing, and growth…the Holy Spirit.  For me, I can only make sense of the world and people through what the Bible says about the world and people.  Counseling out of Godly wisdom can produce seeds of growth.  Anything else is the equivalent of an “Atta boy.”
  • Surprises? I am in awe of how committed and professional the teaching staff, office staff, and support staff is here at Evansville Christian.  Every teacher has genuinely asked about how they can grow in their profession and their abilities to connect to kids on what it means to learn how to learn.  They are always game for what we ask of them.  It makes for a great environment to get things done.  The students here are doing hard things.  I love that.  There is a book called “Do Hard Things,” written by Alex and Brett Harris, that talks of the value of doing things that are outside of our convenience.  It builds discipline and character.  Why are ECS students so prepared to move into high school?  Because they are presently building discipline and character.  They are doing hard things, and it is good.
  • Differences from previous work? I fully enjoyed my previous work.  I have fully enjoyed working in education.  What I can say is different here at ECS versus my historical positions is that I get to see the difference that comes with talking about Jesus in school.  My son is here.  He is in Kindergarten.  To ask him what scripture he is learning, and to hear him rattle it off, then to ask him to tell me what it means to be kind to his brother, to love the Lord more than stuff, to know that each person has a unique heart and gifts…I could not trade that.  We have the flexibility and size here at ECS to focus on true leadership development of our students, and the decision makers to make it happen.  We can create opportunities to let our students experience what it means to lead, and create opportunities for students to confront the most important relationship in their life: their relationship with the Lord.

I am so proud of the work that is being done at Evansville Christian School.  From students to staff to parents to community volunteers, the investment in learning is strong.  Your children are given every real opportunity to develop the attitude of a learner with a view of the world that is taught through the lens of the Bible.  That means that the world still exists.  People can be so encouraging…but they can be mean too.  People can be completely rationale in conflict…but they can be dramatic and over the top too.  It is here, at Evansville Christian School, that we get the privilege of training our students to recognize the culture of the world through the eyes of Jesus.  It is our continual prayer…to be equipped, engaged, and educated with excellence.  Let us settle for nothing less.

Always in Partnership,

Mike Allen
5th – 8th Grade Principal